Aviation Experience Highlights

The illusion of flying


 Climb into a heavy lift full-motion flight simulator, which is equipped with a system that turns every flight maneuver into authentic movement. High-tech visual and sound systems create an experience that replicates reality down to the smallest detail. This is where pilots from around the world come to be trained.

Flying safely


 Everything is as usual in-flight, but suddenly; pressure drop in the cabin, fire in front of the windows of the left wing, the oxygen masks fall out ... According to the international approval regulations, an aircraft must be completely evacuated within 90 seconds in an emergency. Learn what occurs in an emergency, and experience evacuating the aircraft via an emergency slide!

Behind the scenes


 With an "behind the scenes tour" you will get an exclusive insight into the otherwise closed to the public training areas of Lufthansa Aviation Training.  Experienced pilots and flight attendants will answer your questions during the guided tour. You will see: There is much to discover in aviation than you realise.

Concorde technical tour


  Here's your opportunity to board a Concorde; to sit in the luxurious leather seats, to enter the flight deck and wonder at Concorde’s unique aviation engineering. A full guided tour underneath the aircraft explores the ground breaking technology behind the supersonic airliner.

Emirates experience


The Emirates Aviation Experience features four state of the art fixed based Flight Simulators; two Airbus A380’s and two Boeing 777’s.  Here you can enhance your skills and participate in a landing competition where the Emirates instructors will encourage everyone to participate and assist you in landing your aircraft while achieving the highest score possible   

Airside Tour


Would you like to admire a huge Airbus A380 hangar from up close or are you interested in checking out a Z8 XXL fire truck? Perhaps being to be mesmerised by the sea of lights on the runways and apron after dark is something you're keen to experience.  Frankfurt Airport will host our tour to this unique experience.