CPAC Travel will be with you every step of the way.  Whether it be planning your schools' journey or finalising tour documents,  the teacher resource area is a collection of useful documents, printouts and information for all teachers.  From risk mitigation to the ultimate packing checklist, A CPAC Travel manager will ensure your journey will be planned meticulously. 

Risk Assessments


 To protect the health and safety of your students, conducting tour risk assessments is an essential part of pre-arrangements.    

As teachers, you may not be familiar with organising extended school journey's, however, with a personal CPAC Travel consultant, you don’t have to organise it alone.  With resources like our risk assessment template, you can show parents that you’re travelling with an accredited travel agent. 

Health and Safety


 A comprehensive safety checklists is paramount when organising extended school tours. Each of our third party providers used are fully accredited and meet our high expectations. It's our experience and passion for travel, which has allowed the team to build the necessary the connections needed to help make your tours and travel comfortable and seamless. 

The Essentials


CPAC Travel understands that planning an extended journey can make you feel overwhelmed.  Each teacher we work with asks "have I done everything?" In this section, we have put together a comprehensive list of documents, which helps you navigates you through the 'essentials' when organising your school tour. When your departure day has arrived, you are confident that you and your students will embark on a journey which won't disappoint. 

Helping Communities

Our Vision

Giving a little time on ones journey, can help make a world difference for those less fortunate than themselves.  Most of our tours allow students to volunteer their time for one morning, helping those in need.  For some students, they carry on their volunteer work when returning home.

How do my students participate?

CPAC Travel has connections with several volunteer organisations around the world.  At the initial stages of planning, we discuss with teachers the options available to students, to ensure all health and safety requirements have been met.   Not only do students get to experience life overseas, they can also help the disadvantaged and gain self-confidence in doing so.